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Meet our Team of Teachers & Practitioners

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Shannon Marie MA, MIM

Intuitive Reader

Shannon Marie is a light worker, intuitive and life-long devotee of the Divine Feminine. She has trained in various healing modalities including Intuition Medicine©, Feng Shui (Bagua School), Flower Essence Therapy, Reiki, Rosen Method, Polarity Therapy and crystal and gemstone healing. Her academic background is in comparative mythology, philosophy, divination, witchcraft, and women’s mysteries; she also has an MA in Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Using her background and training, she assists clients by holding space for them to connect with their intuition, innate healing tools and resourced Wisdom-Selves. Shannon Marie offers Intuitive Energy Healings, Tarot Readings and Flower Essence Consultations.


Deva Munay

Sound Healing

Deva is passionate about the transformational power of sacred sound. 

In 1997 while on a 4.5 month pilgrimage Deva acquired her first sacred sound tools - two Tibetan Singing Bowls and a set of tingshas. During this journey she also learned the art of meditation, most notably while studying with the Dalai Lama for ten days after the Tibetan New Year in McLeod Ganj, India. From there she has traveled and studied healing modalities in Belize, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bali, and Egypt. 


She incorporates this kaleidoscope of cultures and wisdom into her sound journeys to create a unified field of pure awareness and healing, which leave most in a state of wonder, awe and gratitude. 

Deva has a certificate in Sound Healing from the Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness in San Francisco and a Bachelors of Science in Cultural Anthropology, Biology and Art from Southern Oregon University, as well as many certifications in the healing arts. 

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Miranda Dalton

Certified Flower Essence Practioner

Miranda Dalton is a certified flower essence practitioner, yoga teacher and Pilates instructor with a focus in rehabilitation through functional movement.  She has been teaching for over 10 years.  Her practice, The Authentic Body, combines the vibrational healing properties of flower essences with functional movement re-patterning.  The results are a lightness of body and spirit. Her knowledge of the body and underlying variables is vast and her approach is joyful, sincere and profound.

Miranda was certified as a flower essence practitioner by Delta Gardens in 2001. Over the last 15 years she has continued her education with David Dalton, Jane Bell and Sonia Zelayandia studying and exploring the expansive healing qualities of flowers on mind, body and spirit.

Miranda completed her Pilates training through Balanced Body University in San Francisco in 2011.  Her advanced training for rehabilitation through movement has been with Chris Black, Nancy Myers, Liz Romen, and Ruthie Wahlborg-Scott.

Miranda completed her yoga teacher training with Larry Shultz at It’s Yoga San Francisco in 2009.  She lived in Italy for 2 years and was the lead facilitator for It’s Yoga Florence’s International Teacher Trainings.  She has led classes and workshops in Florence, Tuscany, Belgium, Sicily and California and facilitates retreats in Europe, Mexico, and the U.S.

She continues both her teaching and personal practice with Rene Henley and Steve Pyka and the inspiring community of Asta Yoga in San Francisco. 


Charlotte Vetter

Yoga Teacher

Charlotte Vetter is a yoga teacher 500 RYT, Kirtan leader, and a mindfulness coach for teens girls and young adults.

She boasts nearly ten years of mindful practice which has shaped much of her own life and journey.

Charlotte has been trained and certified in several areas of wellness and healing practices and now specializes in working with young adults who are seeking or are in need of grounding and positive affirmation.

She aspires to create a better world where people are supported emotionally, and have the tools they need to heal themselves. She believes in radical vulnerability, celebrating life, embracing the ugly and hard, and continuing to show up for others.

You can find her all over the bay area teaching Bhakti Vinyasa, Restorative, Aerial Yoga Play & Therapeutics, and leading Kirtan around in addition to her coaching & supporting of teens.

She is grateful for her teachers: Janet Stone, Jai Uttal, Martin Scott and many other who have illuminated the path for her.

To learn more about charlotte and her offerings: @charlotttevetteryoga &

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Monique Haan

Meditation Teacher

Monique has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2010. The essence of her teaching is to create a safe space for self inquiry and healing through the body. These therapeutic practices include yin yoga, meditation and pranayama (breath work).


Monique's work as a Somatic (body-centered) Psychotherapist naturally informs the language of her classes. She invites students to use yoga and meditation as practice in listening deeply to the wisdom of the body to awaken to higher consciousness. .


Monique has immense gratitude for her teachers on the path of yoga, meditation and psycho-spiritual inquiry: Sarah Powers, Dina Amsterdam, Maritza and Adyashanti. To learn more about Monique's offerings, visit:


Elizabeth Davidman

Meditation Teacher 

Elizabeth Davidman is a Bay Area native who loves inspiring others. She’s refreshingly authentic and you will automatically feel more like yourself when you’re with her. Her passion for Holistic Healing includes Massage, Yoga, Meditation and Aromatherapy. Red Rocks is her happy place and when she isn’t doing yoga she is dancing and enjoying nature. A certified Anchor Meditation Teacher, Elizabeth teaches yoga at Cavallo Point in Sausalito and owns a private Massage Therapy Practice in San Anselmo


Miriam Burke

Personal Development Coach & Gratitude Educator

Miriam is a leadership and personal development coach. She helps clients cultivate the competencies of a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, gratitude, mindfulness, compassion, and social skills to help people communicate with confidence, interact with compassion and lead with enthusiasm. 

She works with her clients to uncover what is holding them back, work through mindset blocks, tap into innate strengths and talents, move the conversation forward and reach each each individual's fullest potential.


Renee Mifsud Overthun

Women’s Circle

Women in circle is an ancient practice that has roots deep within our DNA. To have this intentional, safe container in modern day can make all the difference with feeling connection with each other, grounded with earth, and knowing oneself. It is healing and expanding being present with the Divine feminine sisterhood, just by witnessing it.

We all embody her. 

We welcome you to join us for women’s.  circle in the spirit of community.


Renee Mifsud Overthun is a yogi of 20 years, tea-maker and herbalist, designer, mother, sister, alchemist and soul seeker. Her connection with spirit and self-lead quest of healing, brings her to the wilderness often where she finds connection, inspiration, and integration. Along her journey and awakening, Renee found how empowering and life-changing it is to be present with other conscious women. Journaling, plant medicine and meditation are some of her most loved modalities for growth. She is honored to be with you in a circle and hold sacred space.


Elizabeth Furest

Energy Medicine Practitioner®

Born with an increased intuitive awareness and a hypersensitivity to energy, Elizabethis an Energy Medicine Practitioner®, intuitive counselor, reiki master, spirit-to-spirit communicator, and tarot reader dedicated to elevating universal consciousness. Elizabethhelps people to live healthy and productive lives by awakening their higher selves and supporting their natural gifts to become all they were created to be. 


Tarot cards have been used as a tool to source divine wisdom and guidance since 14th century Europe, helping the seeker map their life journey both spiritually and practically. Readings provide insight to your innermost truths by reading the current energy of you or the scenarios around you. Tarot readings are intended to empower and inspire you to look inward and trust your intuition and remind you that you are the co-creator of your universe.


Brittany Nelson

Tarot Reader/Intuitive

Brittany Nelson is a Reiki III practitioner, 500-hour certified yoga instructor and intuitive/tarot reader. Working with cards for years, she uses her gift of intuition and vision to guide clients into a state of understanding, self-care, and empowerment through her tarot readings. Also a singer and writer, Brittany believes that tarot is an excellent tool to help quiet the mind and to help people remember their own power through the card's messages. Her down-to-earth approach helps clients take away mediations, practices and life shifts to help them excel on their life path, through all the twists and turns of relationship and career changes, and big life decisions. Plus, she brings fun and a sense of humor to all of her readings. 


In addition to readings, she teaches yoga in Marin County and is a professional writer. You can follow her on Instagram @musingsofayogi


Stecia Shanti Saltzman,MA
Sage & Stone Founder 

Stecia Saltzman has spent her life steeped in the exploration of mindfulness and spirituality.  Her childhood was spent around spiritual teachers like Yogi Bhajan and Swami Muktananda.  As an adult, she has studied energy medicine at the Academy of Intuition Medicine and the Aletheia  Heart Center. She has also completed training in the use of flower essences, herbal studies and quantum biofeedback. Stecia has always dreamed of creating a space where people in the healing arts can gather and teach about the many modalities of subtle and vibrational healing and where people seeking alchemy in their lives can come and learn about mindfulness and an expanded approach to health and wellness.

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