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Resonance Coaching and Wellness

  • Intuitive Life and Career Coaching

  • SCIO Quantum Biofeedback


What will working with me do for you?

Something close to magic happens when someone is holding space for you and asking the questions that move you to see how to spread your wings and step into the most authentic and best version of yourself.   

Through our work together, I will help you identify the goals that will lead you to manifest a life you are excited about every day.  

As an Intuitive Life and Career Coach I assist clients to find their center and identify their true path to a sovereign and fulfilling life.

How do you work with clients?

  • Through identifying goals and action steps to reaching those goals

  • Through identifying what resonates most with your unique individual truth and how to listen to your own truth and intuitive voice in creating the life you want

  • Through using and learning tools and techniques to bring mindfulness and grounding into all aspects of your life every day

  • Through use of career counseling assessments (such as the Myers-Briggs) if necessary

  • Through use of the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device if appropriate to the needs of the session

About me...

Hi, I'm Shanti Saltzman.  I am excited to be combining my background in Counseling Psychology, Career Counseling, Intuition Medicine and a lifetime studying various healing and mindfulness practices, with training from the Life Purpose Institute, to be in practice as an Intuitive Life and Career Coach.

I am also a certified biofeedback practitioner, specializing in the SCIO biofeedback device. This device assists in balancing the body and human energy system of an individual.

Education and Background:

MA Counseling Psychology, Northwestern University

Private Psychotherapy and Career Counseling Practice in Washington, DC

Career Counselor at Georgetown University

Master's Certificate in Intuition Medicine, Academy of Intuition Medicine

Human Energy Systems Internship with Jack Schwarz, Aletheia Heart Center 

To schedule an Intuitive Life Coaching session, please email Shanti at

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