New Moon, New Year, New Business...

As the new moon graced the night sky on Saturday and the Jewish New Year falls this evening, we are reminded it is time to start anew and embrace what is ahead with sweetness and hope. It is in this time of renewal and new beginnings that we opened the doors of Sage & Stone.

Friday was our first day open and that evening our new space was given the gift of hosting a beautiful and magical sound healing with Brandilyn Brierley.

It feels meaningful that at this time of renewal we should open our space that was created as a place for personal and spiritual renewal, growth and alchemy.

We are also still a work in progress...with more items for the store on their way but not yet on the shelves, working out how to introduce and explain what this unusual new space is...part retail and part a healing and gathering space.

We move ahead with gratitude for the sweet town we are in and for the community of teachers and friends we have forming around our new space.

Stop in and say hello because we are finally and gratefully OPEN!

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