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Sound Healing

Brandilyn Brierley / Deva Munay

A Sound Healing uses sound rhythm, frequency and vibration to bring people into deep states of relaxation, healing and mediation. The binural beats of sound waves allow your brain to produce Theta waves which are deeply restorative and rejuvenation for your neurons. The nervous system is deeply calmed. Vibration clarifies your intuition by clearing the vagus nerve which connects your gut and your brain. For thousands of years ancient civilizations have utilized the power of sound to heal the body, mind, spirit and heart. $44 per person.

Upcoming Dates: 

Friday December 6

Friday December 13

Friday December 20th (sound healing and crystal tones bowl sale)


Private Sessions

Integral Healing Session with Brandilyn Brierley

Brandilyn synthesizes the grounded structures of modern psychology and neuroscience with the divine energetic transmissions of intuitive energy healing. During this session you will clear energetic and mental blockages that will allow you to realign with the truth of your soul from the purest source of eternal light and unconditional love. Natural alchemies of ritual, sound, breath, rhythm and energy healing will allow you to release what no longer serves you so that you can feel clarity, grace and peace within. Intuitive Energy Healings can clear the chakra system, heal past life traumas, rewrite soul contracts and awaken kundalini. 

$333 60 minutes

Clairvoyant Intuitive Readings with Brandilyn Brierley

During an intuitive reading, you will receive useful information to understand what you need to take your health, vitality and manifestation powers to the next level. You will gain important information that allows you to understand where there are imbalances in your energetic body and what you can do to heal them so that you can experience deeper harmony and abundance. 

$150-30 minutes

5D Energy Alignment Session with Gunnar Emery

In Session, Clients will ceremoniously connect with their own Spirit for critical decision making and wisdom accumulation. Using the wisdom of their Spirit, clients will explore the areas of their life that are out of alignment with their highest resonance here on Earth. Clients can anticipate to feel fulfilled as they explore their life purpose and release any mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks that were holding them back. Sessions will be safely and compassionately led in a manner that serves the client and the guide for a mutually beneficial outcome.

$250 60 min

Energy Healing with Shannon Marie, MIM, MA

During a healing, we are asking your spirit to harmonize with your subtle energy bodies, allowing you to re-align with the Earth, to your physical body, to your energetic systems, and to your inner divine nature. It is quite a beautiful adventure and can be deeply transformational. Shannon Marie uses her training as an intuitive energy healer to help bring awareness to what your spirit wants to communicate to your mind and body.

$122 60 min

Flower Essence Consultations with Miranda Dalton

Flower Essences are the consciousness of Nature captured from flowers and turned into a liquid form. When the liquid is infused into the human system, the connection creates the opportunity for powerful and dynamic transformation of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of a person. Past traumas and held emotions that cause difficulty can be released. Unresolved relationships from the present or past can be cleansed. Physical illness, chronic infection of many sorts can be loosened and their imprints can be cleared from the body.

Miranda Dalton has been working professionally with Flower Essences for 18 years, and personally for 35. She is the second generation steward of Delta Gardens, her families company that creates and distributes over 700 remedies made from flowers from all over the world. Each of the essences has a unique and specific action in the body, and when guided by a trained practitioner, can release all matters of dis-ease, difficulty and suffering from ones reality.

These private 60 minute flower essence sessions are ideal for anyone who feels the need of outside support on the physical, spiritual, emotional or psychological level.

$185 60 min

Ayurvedic Consultations with Heather Grzych

An Ayurvedic Consultation with Heather Grzych, MAAy, CAP. Leave with an understanding of your vikruti (imbalance of doshas) and an Ayurvedic treatment plan to balance mind, body and spirit.

$250 60 min

Numerology Sessions with Akiva Satnarayan

Learn how your individual distinct numerology can give you information about your life and your current decisions, direction and timing.  Look at your current code and time cycle showing you how to forge your path with clarity and unity. Identify great timing to take advantage of opportunities in your life.  Create a framework for your purpose and the highest fulfillment in your life.

$165 60 min

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards have been used as a tool to source divine wisdom and guidance since 14th century Europe, helping the seeker map their life journey both spiritually and practically. Readings provide insight to your innermost truths by reading the current energy of you or the scenarios around you. Tarot readings are intended to empower and inspire you to look inward and trust your intuition and remind you that you are the co-creator of your universe.

Saturdays 12pm-3pm or by appointment

$25  20 min

$70 60 min

Meditation Classes

Join us for guided mindfulness meditation every Saturday from 11am-12pm (beginning 1/26/20)

$22 Drop-in

$100 for 5 classes

Massage Services

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage 60 min and 90 min sessions available

Eve Rosen

$122 60 min

$177 90 min


Conscious Creation Lab

Use the power of your mind to consciously create your reality! Roxanne will guide you through the new and proven 4 step S.O.U.L. process that will get you on a path of active manifestation so that you can start living the life your soul desires. 

You are already manifesting all the time whether you know it or not; your thoughts are creating your reality. Would you like to see what happens when you use this inherent power of your mind with intention?

The S.O.U.L. processes is a scientifically grounded methodology that teaches you to reprogramming your subconscious mind (and body), to better align with your soul’s desires. Using these tools of self inquiry and meditation, you will gain clarity in your personal vision, receive the tools to move through limiting beliefs that are holding you back, align your vibration with that of your vision and create a soul centered plan of action forward.

This process has transformed the lives of many, like Katie: “I was feeling very paralyzed with fear and too overwhelmed to make any forward movements. Now I’ve got momentum going! I am more in touch with the universe and in the flow. I’m not as worried about my ego and insecurities. Now there is more ease.”

In the Conscious Creation Lab you will use the S.O.U.L. process to design a daily meditation practice that is unique to you. One that you can take home with you and use everyday to completely change your reality. Anyone wanting to create change in their life is encouraged and welcome.

Wear comfortable clothes for seated meditation. Pillows, chairs, and blankets will be provided.

Bio: Roxanne Miranda leads visionary workshops, self growth coaching groups and supports individuals that wish to lead their most soul fulfilling lives. She is the creator of the S.O.U.L. process, empowering her clients to consciously create their soul’s desires. Rather than waiting for things to change, you are empowered to be the change. Roxanne is a soul coach, yoga and meditation instructor, creative entrepreneur and has been known to regularly stop and smell the flowers.

Social Media Links:IG: @roxanne.miranda.loveFB: FB Coaching Group: Living Soul-FULLY

Sunday 1/12 11am-1pm


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