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Alchemy School

In collaboration with Master Evolutionary Astrologer Tashi Powers, we are creating this platform to share wisdom and teachings garnered from our collective lifetimes of studying with energy healers and spiritual teachers, including Jack Schwarz, Swami Muktanda, Yogi Bhajan, and others.  Our intention is to share the transformative lessons and tools to help others in their own journey of evolution and actualization towards their greatest experience in this lifetime.

Human Energy Systems



Nobody can heal anyone except themselves.  Another person can give you the map for healing.  But it is up to each of us to ask ourselves continuously, "did I fulfill my mission to the best of my awareness?" Regognizing what state of development I am in.  Look or inner desire to be a person in a continual state of pregnancy (self birth and re-birth). Each of us have our own unique individual tools to be honed and polished.  This work shows us how to hone, polish and use these tools.  We each need to find our own individual boringness and utilize our tools to fulfill our mission.

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