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A Place of Alchemy

Social Impact

Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Gandhi

We are all connected. This statement can be read as true in many different ways.  We are all part of the same energy field that connects us all.  This is why you know when your sister is about to call you or you feel love emanating from some people and sadness from others.

We are also connected in the way that every action we take has a ripple effect out into the world around us.  When we do something kind, we send a positive ripple that might encourage someone else to feel good and do the same for the next person and so on.  This is the idea of paying it forward.

We believe we must care for each other and the world around us in order to create a better world for all of us.  

Every month, Sage and Stone will select a charity which we will feature in the store and on our web site and to which we will donate 5 % of our monthly profits.


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