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Finding Your Soul's Path

What are you here for?  What is the work you were meant to be doing here in this lifetime?  

Together we will explore how each of us can use spiritual awareness and tools to find and manifest your soul's path in work and all areas of your life.

Stecia Shanti brings experience as a Psychotherapist, Career Counselor and Spiritual Coach to help clients and groups realize and manifest their soul's path here and now.

Groups run for 4 weekly sessions and participation is limited to 4 people per group.  The cost is $88 per person.  

Contact us re when the next 4 week session will begin.

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Sacred Community Circle

Join this online sacred space for community and learning about a variety of topics.  We will cover a different topic every week.  


Subject matter will include:

*Nurturing the divine feminine

*Ritual in everyday life

*Gua Sha and Lymph massage for health and beauty

*Flower Essences for emotional wellbeing

*Clearing, Cleansing and Cutting Cords: Reset Your Energetic System

*Soul Contracts and how to work with them

*Akashic Records: Accessing and understanding your records and more...

Shanti, MA, MIM has a Masters Certificate in Intuition Medicine, and works as an Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach and quantum biofeedback practitioner.

This group will meet weekly.  The cost is $22 per session.  

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